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You have a touchy client. you need to send them an email, but you need it worded perfectly. the safety manuals in your warehouses are outdated, and no longer compliant.  you have a presentation to give to a potential investor. it's just not coming together. morale is down and the human resources department has suggested that a newsletter and Intranet will facilitate and keep employees in the loop.

To overcome any one of these challenges you need writing. that's why we are proud to offer business writing services to you. We are ready to produce any type of business you need to ensure that your company runs smoothly.


A good idea, poorly communicated, is pretty meaningless. Unfortunately, the skill required to come up with the next best idea isn't always the same skill you need to convince others that your idea is valuable. A good business proposal communicates the benefits of your idea, outlines your plan of action, and details what you need to make it happen. It contains lots of proof-of-concept information. At the same time, it's written to generate enthusiasm in the reader.

We have successfully written hundreds of business proposals for businesses of all sizes. We are proud to say that our work has helped move many projects further down the pipeline. We would love to do the same for you.

Emails And Memos

Not every email or memo can be quickly composed and sent off without Without further thought. sometimes you have to communicate things that are sensitive or that require a certain level of gravitas. these communications can impact client relationships and employee morale. Don't leave that up to chance. we can help you compose communication with your target audience in order to help you meet your goals.

Manuals And Guides

Between the onboarding process, complying with various regulations and ensuring that policies and procedures are very clear many companies have quite a large library of user manuals, training documents, employee guidelines, and other materials. If this sounds like your company, when was the last time this information was made new again? Our team members can help you write and rewrite this content to bring it up to date.

Business Plans

A great business plan does more than convince you to potential investors or bankers that you have a great business idea and that it is ready for further growth. Your business plan is also your point of focus and it is a road map and touchstone for you and your team as you make your business grow.

Yes, there are business plan templates, but that is no replacement for the value that an experienced business professional can add. We understand exactly what potential investors, bankers, and partners expect from this very important document.

Case Studies

Case studies are a great business tool. They provide you with a deeper understanding of the impact and results of your products and services. They give you insights into your customers. They can also act as proof of the benefits of your products and services.

Writing case studies can be difficult and time-consuming. You have to collect and organize a lot of data. Then you have to present it in a balanced way. On one hand, you have data wonks who want to see raw figures. On the other hand, readers want things presented in a more ‘digestible’ fashion. Our team can combine data and research with the stories behind the studies to make case studies relevant to all who read them.


Like case studies, financial forecasts are full of numbers and other data. They are an evidence-backed indication and prediction of your company’s future potential and performance. This isn’t a task that can be left to the average content writer. You need a professional with experience in financials and accounting who can also write clearly and concisely.

Not only can we put together a financial forecast for your company. We can create an attractive, user-friendly report that can be distributed to employees, investors, and others.

Come see what content can accomplish. 

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Intranet And Internal Newsletter Content

How do you communicate information to employees about benefits changes, company events, milestones, and other news? Where do you make important announcements, explain policies, and congratulate team members publicly for their achievements. Email can be effective for getting new out, but can be misrouted and deleted. Even memos may not communicate the importance of things like they should. Instead, many businesses are embracing the intranet and internal newsletters. These can both keep employees in the loop, and be used to create a company news knowledgebase of sorts for future reference.

Just like we can create engage content for your customers, we can also create engaging and relevant content for your staff. Count on our team for internal content of all types.

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