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How important is creativity in writing or speaking to an audience? it’s critical, actually. Many studies have shown that the more creatively information is presented, the more an audience is engaged. And the more an audience is engaged, the more they remember what they have read, seen, or heard.

People who have a high level of creativity in thought or words are in a minority. They seem always to have that quick witty response; they write in unique ways; they are able to capture attention of others.

Creative Writing is Important In All Contexts

We understand how important creativity is in everything that is written or produced visually. This is why our creative writing department is the largest team we have.

When a client comes to us for any writing need – website content, blog or social media post writing, emails, advertising, academic assignments, fiction or non-fiction ghostwriting, speeches and other presentations, and even technical publications, we first turn that project over to the related department for production

Once that production is complete, we then send the piece over to our creative writing team for some “polishing.” These are the people who add the pizzazz that converts a “normal” piece into a stunning one – adding those creative writing touches or visuals that will capture an audience.

Here is how we provide creative writing to our various clients.

Our Business Clients

Businesses have a wide array of needs. They have websites, blogs, social media accounts; they have need for press releases and news articles; they have need of marketing materials and advertising; they often produce white papers, e-books, reports, and more.

We have departments to craft both text and visuals for all of these business needs. But we also task our creative writing department with reviewing all of this content and adding the creative touch that is going to engage an audience and have that audience fully focused on the message and coming back for more of the same. Further, they are more apt to share that content with others. The more “play” a piece of content gets, the greater the potential for conversions. And more conversions equal more revenue.


We have lots of orders for ghostwriting. People have stories to tell; they have important information they want to impart to others; students have essays and papers to write; researchers have studies to publish; businesses have marketing and advertising needs.

All of these writing products can be dull, boring, and rather mundane. Or they can have that extra polish that our creative writers can give them. Which would you prefer?


Lots of people are called to give presentations – at conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. They have messages to give to their audiences, messages that must provide information, education/training, and often a call to action. They understand their message. They just don’t have the wherewithal to present that message in an engaging and compelling way – one that will keep an audience “with” them throughout.

The missing piece is that creative element – the insertion of wit, humor, intrigue, and inspiration that will hold attention. And when attention is held, the message I received and retained.

This insertion of creative elements is what our creative writing team can do for you. Just send us an outline of your message, and we will craft a stunning speech or presentation that will have your audience spellbound.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Contact us and tell us what you need.
  2. We’ll analyze that need and assign a creative writer with the specific niche experience
  3. Your writer will collaborate with you while the project is completed. You will receive drafts for approval. Until your full approval is gained, your writer will not stop working for you.

Come see what content can accomplish.

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