You’re an expert, a professional. There’s nothing wrong with feeling proud about that. People seek you out for advice and insights. You’ve got experience and stories to tell. You may have even been told that you should write a book. Secretly, you agree.

After all, what better way to get your message out to thousands of people. That’s not all. Publishing a book is really the final step in establishing yourself as a thought leader. You’ve only got one obstacle to overcome. You aren’t a writer.

That’s okay. Celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and others write and publish books on a variety of topics. You’ve probably got some loaded on your e-reader, and on your GoodReads wishlist. What you may not know is that a great number of these books were written with the assistance of a Ghost Writer. We are happy to say that we offer ghostwriting to help talented people turn their ideas and experiences into books and other long-form content.

What Is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a process where a professional writer teams up with someone to write a book on their behalf. Generally, the ghostwriter is given notes, or even speaks with the client directly to get relevant stories and insights. The client is responsible for communicating the stories, ideas, and insights they want in their book. The ghostwriter is responsible for taking all of that information and turning it into something worthy of publication.

In the end, When the book is published and made available to the public, it is the client to receive full credit as the author. if you use our ghostwriting services, please understand that nobody will know. it will be as if you wrote the book entirely on your own.

Benefits Of Ghostwriting

The primary benefit of using a Ghostwriter is simply quality. just like you hire professionals to handle other jobs in your professional and personal life, a ghostwriter is a professional who can simply perform a task with better results than you are able to.

Will the Ghostwriter you also save valuable time and resources. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to write a book. it is a full-time undertaking. whether you are a small business owner, marketing professional, well-renowned in your field, or a c-level professional chances are you don't have a surplus of time to dedicate to writing a book. You surely don't have time for the process of proofreading, editing, and revising. keep in mind that the best authors in the world often go through several iterations of this before their work is deemed worthy of publication.

Think of all the things you could be doing well someone else is taking over your book project. you could be working on research and development. You could be engaging with customers. You could be developing new skills. you can spend the time you save using your talents and skills where you truly need them.

Ghostwriting Guarantees

First, customers who ordered ghostwriting services from us are subject to the same guarantees that we offer all of our other clients. Work will be completely original, delivered on time, written by a qualified professional, and meet your standards. All writing goes through a quality assurance process.

In addition to this, we know that our ghostwriting clients are rightly concerned about ownership and about reputation. we respect that our customers have business interests, reputations,  and brands that need to be protected and nurtured. We understand this and have taken several steps to ensure your protection:

  1. Your writer will ever attach their name to any written publication of yours.
  2. You have sole ownership of all documents including notes and recordings.
  3. Your writer will sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their Employment contract with us. Through this, they agree never to review the existence or nature of your relationship to them or our company.
  4. You have full control over selecting publishers, pricing, distribution etc.

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Your Ghostwriter

Of course, you only want to invest in a ghostwriter who has the skills to turn your idea into published works that people want to read. You need someone with excellent writing skills. You need someone who can write for your intended audience. You need someone who understands your voice and message. In many instances, you also need someone who understands your subject matter.

Our writers will meet every one of these requirements. They will be carefully selected and referred to you only after we ensure they have the qualifications needed. This means you will be able to launch your project immediately.

An Easy Way To Get Started

We can start helping you today. All you have to do is place an order, or contact us for assistance. We will get back to you quickly to work out all of the relevant details. Take things to the next level and show your audience that you are a true leader in your field.