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It’s a crowded cyberspace world these days. Marketers are scrambling to make their brands stand out in oceans of content. And every piece of content that is associated with your brand sends a message to consumers.

A content marketer’s job has become far more complex than it was years ago. He has to keep abreast of the evolving needs and desires of his target audience; he has to continue to stay “up” on all of the latest technology and tools to make content engaging, entertaining, interactive, and as compelling as possible.

Then there is the need to develop strategies that “cover” all of the platforms where target audiences may be – a blog, social media channels, targeted advertising, etc.

Al of this constitutes a pretty monumental job, especially for a small business with limited staff.

Every Word Is Form Of Marketing

Whether you have crafted a great blog post or simply responded to a follower comment on your Facebook page, every word is out there for all to see. And it becomes a part of your brand. Every word must be carefully crafted and every visual or media element carefully created and/or selected. All of it reflects on your brand.

The other critical element in all of this is obviously that your content has to be more amazing then your competitors’ – so amazing that followers keep coming back and keep sharing your content with their tribes. And this is where the real challenge comes in. With limited time and staff, this is a hefty task. You do have a solution option, and that option is our service.

What Our Content Writers Can Do For You

We provide a full array of content writing – writing crafted by creatives who have been in the business of content writing for years. Here is a brief description of our services:

Website Design And Content

If you have not re-visited your website for an overhaul in a year or so, it is time. There is a constant supply of new technology and trends that you should consider – sleek designs, speedy navigation, interactivity, AR/VR, and more. Let our designers and content creators give your site the pizzazz it needs to attract and keep visitors.

We will have long discussions with you about your business, your brand image, and your target audience. we will do the research to understand the needs and pain points of your audience. And we will review all that your competition is presenting on their sites too. In the end, you will have a stunning website.

Your Blog

If you do not have a blog, it begins today. This is how you can entertain, educate and inspire your visitors/followers. You want to provide value, to solve problems, and do so in an engaging way. The purpose of a blog is to demonstrate your expertise in your niche and to develop relationships with your audience. But your blog cannot be walls of text that no one wants to wade through to get to the value you are providing. Your posts need to be exciting; they need to use media in all of its forms; readers need to have a great experience. When you contract with us for your blog maintenance, our creatives and techs will present topics for your approval and set up a schedule of regular postings to keep your audience coming back for more.

Your Social Media Presence

The key to social media effectiveness I to choose those few platforms where your audience hangs out the most, when they are hanging out, and the type of content they love and share. This takes some research. And we have the staff to conduct that research. We will then identify those few platforms that will get you the biggest ‘bang for your buck,” set up your profile, and a regular schedule of postings. We are in constant communication with you, so that you know what posting we propose and so that you can keep us informed of products, services, discounts, special sales, etc. that we can use. And we will always insert links back to your site and blog.

Your Email Campaigns 

Email is not dead by any means. But to get subscribers to actually open your emails is another matter. Personalization is a huge factor in email marketing. Your audiences have to be segmented and different emails created for each of those segments. We will not only craft those differentiated emails, we will create intriguing subject lines that subscribers will not be able to resist. And we use data analytics to get the insights we need about open rates, so that we can modify campaigns as needed.


This can put a hole in any budget, and it can be ineffective if not done right. Again, the key is to conduct the right research to understand where your audience is, what they see as valuable, and how you can tap into their “pain points.” We have a team of marketing experts that focus only on crafting creative and engaging ads. And our research department determines exactly where and when they should be placed. Further, we monitor the results and report these to you on a regular basis.

Come see what content can accomplish.

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Content Marketing – It’s Complex

There are just so many facets to content marketing, one or two staff members of a business just cannot do it all. They will be stretched so thin that nothing is really done as well as it could be. And that really impact a business bottom line.

Give us a shout out today, and let’s have a discussion.