News Writing

News Writing

Journalists are, first and foremost, storytellers. They take an event and weave a tale that will engage readers and yet be precise, clear, relatively simply stated, and short.

Great news stories can be great marketing tools. They tell a story about a company that engage customers and potential customers, as well as boost the credibility of a brand.

But here’s the thing about news stories. They have to be submitted to news outlets and be compelling enough for those outlets to run them. Business owners and their content writing staff are not normally journalists and will not understand what those news outlets are looking for, especially in terms of structure and flow.

Enter Pro Essay

We have your solution. Our staff of prime journalists come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have degrees in journalism and either prior or current experience in the field before working for us.

Our work for you does not just involve writing a press release or news story. We then make the pitch to news outlets and get it published.

The Press Release

A press release is much like an announcement. They are used to introduce a new product, to announce a merger, some company milestone, or perhaps a company-sponsored community or charitable event. They are short pieces that stick to the facts and include:

  1. A compelling title that will catch attention
  2. The announcement that is newsworthy
  3. Simple sentence structure and vocabulary
  4. Usually a quote from a company spokesperson

The New Article

News articles are for more in-depth stories about a company – something like expanding and thus creating more jobs or opening up an entirely new product line, or even a long-term sponsorship of a charity that has reached a big milestone. There may often be a story of human interest involved. Suppose, for example, that a business sponsors a scholarship program. A news story might be crafted providing information and background of the first recipient.

An expert journalist will stick to what the profession calls the “5 W’s” – who, what, where, when, and why. And often the “H” (how) will be included too. In answering these questions, the journalist will then decide which one will engage readers most and begin with that. The point is to get the key answers at the beginning of the story, because news outlet editors will often “cut” a story based on space available.

News articles are tricky pieces of writing that are best left to skilled journalists.

The Pitch

Writing the press release or news story is step one. Next comes the pitching of that story to media outlets. And here is where our staff experience and networking come into play.

  1. Our journalists have solid knowledge of online news outlets and which ones are most appropriate for the story they have written. They will focus their pitching on those, so a not to waste time
  2. They have contacts and relationships within these news outlets – people who know that a piece submitted by one of our journalists deserves a close look.

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How Pro Essay Will Work For You

As stated, we have an entire department of journalists who do nothing but prepare press releases and news articles for our clients – stories that have almost a 100% record of getting published.

When you place your trust in us by ordering news writing, here is what happens:

  1. You will be put in contact with the head of our journalism department. That person will ask lots of questions. We need to know all about your company, its history, its people, its “culture,” and its mission. This may not relate directly to the press release or news article you want written, but we have to get a complete “feel” for who you are and how that may be used in what we do write.
  2. A specific journalist will then be assigned to your project – one with experience in your niche and connections to the most suitable news outlets.
  3. Your journalist and you will collaborate as the piece is crafted. You will be provided with drafts for approval or revision until you are thrilled with the final piece.
  4. Once the piece is complete, it will be submitted to the right news outlets – those who like the kind of news you have and that have a readership which matches your customer audience.

We Build Long-Term Relationships

Our success rate speaks for itself. We are able to get press releases and news stories out there for our clients, and so they return again and again. And they often contract with us for other types of writing we do:

  1. Website content, blog maintenance, and social media profiles and postings
  2. Other business writing that may include plans, reports, whitepapers, proposals, marketing materials, etc.
  3. Write-ups for scientific and technical journals
  4. Ghostwriting for academic and literary needs

Wherever your writing needs lie, we have the pros to get it done for you. Get in touch with us, and let’s talk.